Data Removal & Recycling

Data Removal

We have processed tens of thousands of devices and understand that data removal is a crucial step in mobile device recycling. Data security is a top priority here at Lynx BuyBack. We have developed a process for data removal that is HIPAA compliant and follows Department of defense methods for data removal.

We guarantee data removal on all devices, even the devices that do not function at all. Every device that we process is cleansed of all personal and corporate data.


If a device does not have any value or is damaged beyond a reasonable amount, we will recycle it. We physically destroy all devices that we recycle in house prior to sending it to our downstream partner who breaks the devices down for precious metals. By destroying the devices prior to sending them to be recycled, we guarantee that all data is destroyed before they leave our facility. Once again, data security is a top priority.

Recycling your devices saves them from ending up in landfills and is the greenest solution when it comes to disposing of old or broken devices.