How We Do It

Step 1: Getting a quote

To get started simply call (352-680-0207) or submit a quote online and provide a list of the devices that you would be interested in selling. After submitting your list, you will receive your quote within the hour.

Step 2: Shipping

We pay for all shipping and will provide you with a pre-paid UPS shipping label via email. If you have multiple boxes to ship, we can provide multiple labels.When shipping your devices, please securely package them in the box of your choice.If you do not have a daily UPS pick-up, we can schedule one for you.

Step 3: Processing

Once we receive your devices, we will perform a basic functionality test, a visual inspection, as well as a full data wipe. We do not test for water damage.

Step 4: Final Purchase Order & Payment

Once processing is complete, a Final Purchase Order is populated and sent to you for your approval.The Final Purchase Order will outline each device model, value, as well as (when present) cracked screens, Apple IDs, Google Locks, etc.This separates Lynx BuyBack from its competitors because it requires you to approve the Final Purchase Order before we issue payment. This ensures your 100% satisfaction.Once you approve the Final Purchase Order, you have 2 options for payment. We can cut you a company check, or credit your wireless account.

It's That Easy! Click Here to Get Started!