Sell & Recycle

Why Sell & Recycle

Every year, new technology is being developed and released. On a corporate level, keeping up with the growing advancements in technology is necessary to stay ahead. The same applies with your mobile devices. Every year new smartphones and tablets are introduced into the market with new useful features and are getting increasingly expensive. Selling your old devices is a good way to ease the cost of this new equipment and keep your company up to date with the latest in mobility.

We provide a very simple and straightforward process that pays top dollar for your obsolete equipment. Whether you are upgrading devices, switching to another carrier, or you simply have some devices collecting dust, Lynx can help by providing a smooth buyback process that gets you paid quick and takes the headache out of selling your old devices.

Millions of devices are ending up in landfills across America each year. Not only are they taking up space in our landfills, but they also present a significant hazard. For the devices that no longer have value or are damaged beyond repair, recycling them is a great way of disposing these devices. We destroy these devices in house and then sell them by weight to a downstream partner that is compliant with EPA guidelines and breaks these devices down for precious metals. This keeps obsolete devices out of landfills and is ultimately better for the environment.