Terms & Conditions

No Risk Policy

Your company is always in control of your BuyBack. At any time during the BuyBack process you can request your equipment to be sent back to you at our cost. When we receive your approval of the Final Purchase Order, Lynx will not be able to return your equipment.

Quote Expiration

Quotes are valid for 30 days from original Purchase Order date, unless otherwise stated. Quotes outside the 30 days will be revised and extended an additional 30 days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Changes are made to the original quote only if the market demands it. In many cases quotes can be extended an additional 30 days with little or no price reduction.

Condition Requirements

Prices quoted by Lynx BuyBack for working devices are defined as the following:
  1. Device must power on.
  2. Device must be fully functional.
  3. Device must be complete (device, battery, battery door).
IMPORTANT NOTE: Lynx will NOT fail a device for water damage. If the device works, your company gets paid.

Devices with severe screen and/or case damage will be deemed bad cosmetics (bad cosmo). Bad cosmetic phones will be paid at 50% of full value. BAD COSMO (bad cosmetics) devices are defined by, but not limited to, the following: fully functional, moderate to severe case and or screen damage, cracked screen and or case.

Devices that do not work are deemed defective. Defective devices will be paid at 30% of full value. DEFECTIVE devices are defined by, but not limited to, the following: not fully functional, will not power on, broken LCD display, broken touch screen, broken buttons, software damage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lynx makes every effort to pass your devices as working devices. We want your company to sell and recycle your used obsolete cellular equipment as needed and into the future.

Data Protection

Lynx makes every effort to remove all personal and corporate data. If we cannot guarantee that the data on a device is completely removed for any reason, we can either recycle the device or send it back to you at our cost.

Clean ESN's

Lynx requires that phones must have a clean ESN and be clear for re-activation. We require that devices be free of all and any instalment payments.

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure all devices are deactivated prior to being sent to Lynx BuyBack. Lynx Buyback will not be held liable for any charges billed to a customer's account due to devices still being active on an account.


Payment is issued after your company's representative has approved the Final Purchase Order. The Final Purchase Order will indicate any changes from the original quote such as but not limited to cracked screens, Apple IDs, etc. Checks are issued every Monday. Lynx can issue your check directly to your company or credit your company's wireless account.